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Drupal installation profile for B-Translator.

The codename B-Translator can be decoded like Bee Translator, since it aims at collecting very small translation contributions from a wide crowd of people and to dilute them into something useful.

It can also be decoded like Be Translator, as an invitation to anybody to give his small contribution for translating programs or making their translations better.

For more detailed information see:


Install B-Translator Client

Access the website

  • Tell wsproxy to manage the domain of this container: ds wsproxy add

  • Tell wsproxy to get a free SSL certificate for this domain (if it is a real one): ds wsproxy ssl-cert

  • If the domain is not a real one, add to /etc/hosts the lines and and then try in browser and

Import the translation data

ds inject
ds inject

This may take a lot of time (many hours, and maybe a couple of days).

Backup and restore

ds backup data
ds backup dev
ds backup
ds restore <backup-file.tgz>

Other commands

ds help

ds shell
ds stop
ds start
ds snapshot

ds inject <new-drupal-admin-passwd>
ds inject <new.domain>
ds inject <gmail-user> <gmail-passwd>
ds inject <@alias> <client-key> <client-secret> <https://redirect-uri>
ds inject

ds inject dev/ test
ds inject dev/ test
ds inject dev/ 01