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Severe bug fix.

As unimportant and innocent a bug as it looks,
it can cause massive destructions during automatic
installation of the profile (drush site-install btranslator ...)
And if you run the installation script as root (which I was
careless enough to do), it will erase the whole system.
And also it was hard to debug what was the problem.

I was burned by it, I hope that nobody else was damaged.
If yes, please accept my appologies.

The lesson learned is: always use chroot for new or
untested/unstable things
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dashohoxha committed Feb 12, 2013
1 parent 5fa409d commit 522d3e919d8104e9419b0ac060067c484291cb6e
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 modules/l10n_feedback/includes/
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ function l10n_feedback_cron_nightly() {
* Delete export files that are older than 2 days
function l10n_feedback_delete_old_export_files() {
$export_path = variable_get('l10n_feedback_export_path');
$export_path = variable_get('l10n_feedback_export_path', '/var/www/exports');
exec("find $export_path/* -mtime +2 -delete");
@@ -191,4 +191,4 @@ function l10n_feedback_delete_fake_user($uid) {
->condition('uid', $uid)
->condition('ulng', $lng)

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