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B00merang's Windows 10 Wiki

We're glad you've decided to use one of our themes! This wiki will provide some fixes to known issues we've covered in the past.

Recurrent issues

1) The window shadow looks out of place

frame-not-working Affected platforms (to date) :

  • Xfce
  • Gnome 3

Fix Open gtk-contained.css (found in the theme folder/gtk-3.0 OR gtk-3.20) and search for decoration { then, replace box-shadow: 0 3px etc... with box-shadow: none;. Do the same for the decoration:backdrop and decoration:(inactive) nodes.

2) The theme looks broken

gtk-3.20-needed Affected platforms (to date) :

  • Gnome 3

Fix We include a version for gtk-3.20, but all too often it refuses to read it as it should. In that case, open the theme folder, delete the gtk-3.0 directory and rename the gtk-3.20 directory to gtk-3.0. Then log out and back in and all should work smoothly.

3) You get a huge USB icon in Files


Affected platforms (to date) :

  • All supported platforms

Fix This wrong-sized icon was only included for testing purposes and pushed without knowing it was greatly used by Nautilus (We use Cinnamon for testing), so we didn't know about the issue until some benevolent user notified us of the bug. This issue has been dealt with in the latest icon pack release (0.4.2)

4) Sidebar items look disorganized


Affected platforms (to date) :

  • Gnome 3
  • Unity

Fix If you get this bug, you are running an outdated version of our theme, since this issue has been fixed a long time ago. Please get the latest release from our releases page.