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A collab to make ports of most of the Longhorn builds' themes work in Linux

This repo will contain theme sets for most Longhorn builds to emulate the look of them as much as possible in Cinnamon.

Collaborators : feren, Elbullazul, Cinnamoner

Note: This project is still a work in progress

Included themes

Longhorn 4039 Plex III [Elbullazul/feren]


Longhorn 405x Slate [Elbullazul]


Longhorn 4074 Aero [feren/Elbullazul]


Longhorn 4074 Jade [feren/Elbullazul]



Longhorn 5048 Aero [Elbullazul]

aero 5048

Windows Basic (Vista Beta 2) [Elbullazul]

aero basic

Bonus material

Currently Supported DEs: Cinnamon, GTK 3, Metacity

Credits from Other Projects

Start Menu in Jade and Aero: Dejco,

Using our themes?

Check out this guide to make Cinnamon more like the theme you've chosen

All resources belong to Microsoft Corporation. All rights are reserved to Microsoft. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft. Windows Longhorn is a trademark of Microsoft. Windows Vista is a trademark of Microsoft.

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