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WhatsApp Parser Toolset
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Whatsapp Parser Toolset

Updated: May 2018

WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.18.142

Whapa is a toolset to analyze whatsapp app for android. All tools are written in Python 2.X. Whapa toolset is divided in three tools:

  • Whapa (Whatsapp Parser)
  • Whademe (Whatsapp Decrypter and Merger)
  • Whagodri (Whataspp Google Drive Extractor)



You can download the latest version of whapa by cloning the GitHub repository:

git clone


pip install -r ./doc/requirements.txt

WHAPA is an android whatsapp database parser which automates the process and presents the data handled by the Sqlite database in a way that is comprehensible to the analyst. The software is divided into four modes:

  • Message Mode : Analyzes all messages in the database, applying different filters. It extracts thumbnails when they're availables. "./Media" is the directory where thumbnails are being written. The rows are sorted by timestamp not by id.
  • Decryption Mode: Decryptes the crypto12 databases as long as it has the key.
  • Info Mode : Displays different information about statuses, broadcasts list and groups.
  • Extract Mode : Extracts all thumbnails from the database

If you copy the "wa.db" database into the same directory as the script, the phone number will be displayed along with the name.

Please note that this project is an early stage. As such, you could find errors. Use it at your own risk!


     __      __.__          __________         
    /  \    /  \  |__ _____ \______   \_____   
    \   \/\/   /  |  \\__  \ |     ___/\__  \  
     \        /|   Y  \/ __ \|    |     / __ \_
      \__/\  / |___|  (____  /____|    (____  /
           \/       \/     \/               \/ 
    ---------- Whatsapp Parser v0.5 -----------
usage: [-h] [-k KEY | -i | -m | -e] [--update]
    [-u USER | -ua USER_ALL | -g GROUP | -a] [-t TEXT] [-w] [-s]
    [-b] [-ts TIME_START] [-te TIME_END] [-r [{EN,ES}]]
    [-tt | -ti | -ta | -tv | -tc | -tl | -tx | -tp | -tg | -td | -tr]

To start choose a database and a mode with options

positional arguments:
  DATABASE              Database file path - './msgstore.db' by default

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k KEY, --key KEY     *** Decrypt Mode *** - key file path
  -i, --info            *** Info Mode ***
  -m, --messages        *** Message Mode ***
  -e, --extract         *** Extract Mode ***
  --update              Update Whatsapp Parser Tool
  -u USER, --user USER  Show chat with a phone number, ej. 34123456789
  -ua USER_ALL, --user_all USER_ALL
     	                Show messages made by a phone number
  -g GROUP, --group GROUP
      	                Show chat with a group number, ej.
  -a, --all             Show all chat messages classified by phone number,
       	                group number and broadcast list
  -t TEXT, --text TEXT  Show messages by text match
  -w, --web             Show messages made by Whatsapp Web
  -s, --starred         Show messages starred by owner
  -b, --broadcast       Show messages send by broadcast
  -ts TIME_START, --time_start TIME_START
      	                Show messages by start time (dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM)
  -te TIME_END, --time_end TIME_END
      			Show messages by end time (dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM)
  -r [{EN,ES}], --report [{EN,ES}]
      			Make an html report in 'EN' English or 'ES' Spanish.
            	        If specified together with flag -a, makes a report for
                    	each chat
  -tt, --type_text      Show text messages
  -ti, --type_image     Show image messages
  -ta, --type_audio     Show audio messages
  -tv, --type_video     Show video messages
  -tc, --type_contact   Show contact messages
  -tl, --type_location  Show location messages
  -tx, --type_call      Show audio/video call messages
  -tp, --type_application
      	                Show application messages
  -tg, --type_gif       Show GIF messages
  -td, --type_deleted   Show deleted object messages
  -tr, --type_share     Show Real time location messages


  • Message mode:

      python -m 

    Show all messages from the database.

      python -m -tS "12-12-2017 12:00" -tE "13-12-2017 12:00"

    Show all messages from 12-12-2017 12:00 to 13-12-2017 12:00.

      python -m -w -tI

    Show all images send by Whatsapp Web.

      python -m -g	

    Show all messages send by that group.

      python -m -a -r EN

    Show all chats of the phone and makes English reports.

  • Decrypt mode:

      python msgstore.db.crypt12 -k key

    Decrypt msgstore.dbcrypt12, creating msgstore.db

  • Info mode:

      python -i

    Show a stage with options about groups, broadcast lists and statuses.

  • Extract mode:

      python -e -ts "01-01-2018 00:00"

    Extract all thumbnails from '01-01-2018 00:00' so far.


To create reports the first thing we need to do is to configure the file"./cfg/settings.cfg". For example:

logo =./cfg/logo.png
company = Foo S.L
record = 1337
unit = Research group
examiner = B16f00t
notes = Chat maintained between the murderer and the victim

Here we must put our company logo, company or unit name, as well as the assigned registration number, unit or group where we belong, who is the examiner and we can also specify notes on the report.

To generate the report we must specify the flag "-r" or "-r EN" if we want the report in English, as well as "-r ES" if we want the report in Spanish.

Usage example: python -m -r -u 34XXX230775 (Creates a report of the conversation with the user 34XXX230775)

Note that to create a report that makes sense to the reader you must always specify a user with the flag "-u" or a group with the flag "-g". (To know the group number we want to use in our report we can first use the command "python -i" and then copy and paste it into the command "python -m -r -g"), or the flag "-a", which creates a report of all conversations held (slow option).

If you copy the "wa.db" database into the same directory as the script, the phone number will be displayed along with the name.

For the report to contains the images, videos, documents... you must copy the "WhatsApp/Media" folder of your phone to the whapa directory.

If we want to print the document or create the report in pdf, I recommend in the print option -> scale the view <= 70%, otherwise the report will be displayed too large.


whademe is a tool to decrypt directories containing backups and join them in a new database, to be able to be analyzed and obtain more information, such as deleted groups, messages, etc...


   __      __.__           ________            _____          
  /  \    /  \  |__ _____  \______ \   ____   /     \   ____  
  \   \/\/   /  |  \\__  \  |    |  \_/ __ \ /  \ /  \_/ __ \ 
   \        /|   Y  \/ __ \_|    `   \  ___//    Y    \  ___/ 
    \__/\  / |___|  (____  /_______  /\___  >____|__  /\___  >
         \/       \/     \/        \/     \/        \/     \/
      ------------ Whatsapp Decrypter and Merger v0.1 ------------

usage: [-h] [-k KEY] [-m] [PATH]

Choose a files path to decrypt and/or merge

positional arguments:
PATH               Database path - './' by default

optional arguments:
-h, --help         show this help message and exit
-k KEY, --key KEY  Whatsapp Key path (Decrypt database)
-m, --merge        Merge database

WHAGODRI is a tool which allows WhatsApp users on Android to extract their backed up WhatsApp data from Google Drive.


	 __      __.__             ________      ________        .__ 
	/  \    /  \  |__ _____   /  _____/  ____\______ \_______|__|
	\   \/\/   /  |  \\__  \ /   \  ___ /  _ \|    |  \_  __ \  |
	 \        /|   Y  \/ __ \\    \_\  (  <_> )    `   \  | \/  |
	  \__/\  / |___|  (____  /\______  /\____/_______  /__|  |__|
	       \/       \/     \/        \/              \/          

	------------ Whatsapp Google Drive Extractor v0.1 ------------

usage: [-h] [-i | -l | -lw | -p FilePath BackupID | -s] [-f]

Extract your Whatsapp files from Google Drive

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-i, --info            Show information about Whatsapp backups
-l, --list            List all available files
-lw, --list_whatsapp  List Whatsapp backups
-p FilePath BackupID, --pull FilePath BackupID
  	                      Pull a file from Google Drive
-s, --sync            Sync all files locally
-f, --flush           Flush log file to sync from the beginning

Get in touch

Acknowledgements, suggestions, languages, improvements...



The developer is not responsible, and expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising from the use, reference or reliance on the software. The information provided by the software is not guaranteed to be correct, complete and up-to-date.

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