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WaitList.dat Parser
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WLrip (beta)

Version 0.2 By Barnaby Skeggs (

‘WaitList.dat’ (WaitList) is data file which has been found to contain stripped text from email, contact and document files as a function of the Windows Search Indexer.

WLrip is a Python 3.5 program that will extract the metadata and body text of each indexed record to a new .txt file, and produce a metadata report in .csv format. Running WLrip with the ‘-x’ option will produce a .xlsx report with hyperlinks to each .txt file created. This is the recommended method to run WLrip, however it requires the Python ‘XLSXWriter’ module (

Recommended execution of is as follows: -c -x -f filename -o output directory


Argument Description
-c Removes null characters, in an attempt to clean up the text output.
-x Produces a .xlsx report, as well as the default .csv report.
-k Kills the ‘Microsoft Windows Search Indexer’ process, which will lock the WaitList.dat file on a live system. Requires administrator privileges.
-f Specify WaitList.dat file location for processing.
-o Specifies an output directory. If not included, the report will be generated within a new folder in the current directory.

I have done my best to write this program in a way that allows it to capture new values (which I have not yet encountered) in the ‘other’ field. Values captured in the ‘other’ field will be appended with a [type], to indicate the field value stored in the data structure. Please inform me or propose changes to the git should you come across new value types for implementation in future release.

For Community Contribution

Two values are included in the output report for community analysis.

The first is Unkn, which I suspect is actually padding and/or zeros from another value of larger size, as it has had a value of 00 for all tested records so far. The second is DocID, which I suspect is an ID for the document which was indexed by Windows Search Indexer.

Please see for a description of the data structure understanding that underpins this parser.

Change Log

v0.2 - Fixed error relating to email 'subject' output in report file

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