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B3 REST API Extensions

This plugin extends the WP-API in order to retrieve data not yet handled by the official plugin, such as settings, menus and sidebars.

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The official WP API is undergoing substantial changes and may break compatibility with B3 at any time.

It is recommended that you either use the version on WordPress.org or at the very least stick to the master branch in order to minimize issues.

Also, please bear in mind that B3 is a work in progress and can't (yet) be considered ready for production use. Do so at your own risk.


  1. Install the official WP-API plugin and activate it.
  2. Clone the B3-REST-API repository into the plugins folder of your WordPress install.
  3. Navigate to Plugins in the WordPress Admin, look for "B3 REST API Extensions" and activate it.
  4. As with the WP-API plugin, the B3 REST API Extensions require pretty permalinks to be enabled.


The B3 REST API Extensions plugin enables the following additional endpoints.

To make it easier to tell B3 extensions apart from the other endpoints, all of our additions are prepended by b3:.

Breaking changes in develop

We're adapting our API controllers to the new format proposed by the WP-API team and introducing the b3 namespace, and as a result endpoints will undergo a few (mostly minor) changes.

The tables below should give you an indication of how things are going to work in the future.


We provide an alternative implementation of the Comments resource that allows retrieving comments without having to know which post they belong to.

master develop
GET /b3:comments/<id> /b3/comments/<id>
GET /b3:comments/<id>/b3:replies /b3/comments/<id>/replies
POST /b3:comments/<id>/b3:replies /b3/comments/<id>/replies
GET /media/<id>/b3:replies /b3/media/<id>/replies
POST /media/<id>/b3:replies /b3/media/<id>/replies
GET /pages/<id>/b3:replies /b3/pages/<id>/replies
POST /pages/<id>/b3:replies /b3/pages/<id>/replies
GET /posts/<id>/b3:replies /b3/posts/<id>/replies
POST /posts/<id>/b3:replies /b3/posts/<id>/replies


This endpoint provides a way to fetch a media attachment by its slug.

master develop
GET /media/b3:slug:<slug> /b3/media/slug/<slug>


This endpoint provides a way to fetch a post by its slug.

master develop
GET /posts/b3:slug:<slug> /b3/posts/slug/<slug>


We provide endpoints to fetch all Menus registered by the theme as well as the menu items configured in the WordPress Admin.

master develop
GET /b3:menus /b3/menus
GET /b3:menus/<location> /b3/menus/<location>


Similar to Menus, we allow fetching all widget areas registered by the theme as well as their widgets and widget content.

master develop
GET /b3:sidebars /b3/sidebars
GET /b3:sidebars/<index> /b3/sidebars/<index>


Finally, this plugin exposes WordPress settings through the API. It wraps the get_bloginfo() function but exposes a few additional site options as well as the pretty permalinks table.

master develop
GET /b3:settings /b3/settings
GET /b3:settings/<option> /b3/settings/<option>