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== BALL - Biochemical ALgorithms Library ==
To install BALL, use the CMake build system.
* Enter the toplevel directory of BALL (the one containing the
CMakeLists.txt file and the source and include folders)
* Then create a folder "build" and change into it
* Call "cmake .." (if you have a contrib directory for BALL, use
"cmake .. -DBALL_CONTRIB_PATH=path_to_your_contrib")
* Type "make"
If you want to build packages (currently mostly interesting on MacOS and
Windows), add the flag "-DBALL_ENABLE_PACKAGING=true" to the cmake command
line and run "make package" instead of a plain make.
On Windows, make sure to run the commands in a Visual Studio command shell.
For further details of the build process, please refer to our Wiki on
To build the documentation, run "make doc". Alternatively, you can refer
to the online documentation:
Please help us to improve the quality of this project by reporting all
problems you ran into, all criticism, encouragements, improvements,
bug reports, and wishes for further functionality either using the
GitHub issue tracker or by contacting us via our mailing lists:!forum/ball-user-list!forum/ball-developer-list
Please have a look at our website as well:
If you use BALL, please cite our recent publication
(DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-11-531):
Andreas Hildebrandt, Anna Katharina Dehof, Alexander Rurainski,
Andreas Bertsch, Marcel Schumann, Nora C Toussaint, Andreas Moll,
Daniel Stockel, Stefan Nickels, Sabine C Mueller, Hans-Peter Lenhof,
Oliver Kohlbacher:
'BALL - Biochemical Algorithms Library 1.3',
2010, BMC Bioinformatics, 11:531
Have fun!