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ballaxy is a workflow framework for structure based computational biology based on the Galaxy workflow engine.

We offer numerous tools addressing typical structure based tasks as well as exemplary workflows.

Particularly elaborated topics build from our tool set:

  • BOA Constructor for optimal bond order assignment,
  • NightShift for NMR shift Inference by General Hybrid model training, and
  • Spinster for pure protein chemical shift prediction.
  • Docking Pose Clustering

But there are far more tasks addressed, e.g. in addition to above topics oriented building blocks, the tool set offers file upload for molecular data (pdb, mol, mol2, hin, xyz), format conversion, a ligand structure visualization tool, force field related tools or computational chemistry.

A relatively recent list of our current set of tools can be found here.


Special support for our workflows and tools can be found on this site, a Wiki, and our Tutorials.

For questions related to the Galaxy framework we refer to the official Galaxy support

Before posting a question to our Mailing List (, we ask that you please first review the support resources summarized on this page.




Ballaxy is currently work in progress. At the moment, the simplest way of using it is to access our preinstalled server at

If you want to access the source, you can find it here. Installation instructions are available here.

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