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Tablets to smart speakers: The 2010s in spending
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Tablets to smart speakers: The 2010s in spending

At the start of a new decade in January 2020 Dan Wainwright looked back at how consumer behaviour had changed over the last ten years, analysing the ONS's 'basket of goods' used to calculate inflation:

"What went in the basket in the 2010s and what went out with disposable cameras and sat navs?"

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Quotes and interviews

  • Phil Gooding, senior statistician, Office for National Statistics (ONS)
  • Arti Chudasama, owner, The Pantry (a vegetarian and vegan deli and coffee shop in Leicester)
  • Lynne Elliot, chief executive, the Vegetarian Society


  • Line chart: Smoking and vaping in England 2010-2018
  • Bar chart: Percentage of homes owning different technology
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