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Welcome to the datastringer wiki!

Datastringer provides a barebone of functions used to monitor datasets and news sources, returning alerts when certain user-defined events happen.

We put quite a bit of love and efforts in Datastringer, in order to ensure that you can use this software too. Should you find this documentation incomplete, don't hesitate to edit it.

Important note: We are still under heavy development. Expect bugs, report issues, and keep an eye on the releases and changelog.



Getting started with Datastringer is easy:

  • git clone the repo
  • Run to install dependencies and setup the crontab
  • Run node wizard.js to start the server hosting the configuration wizard (and point your browser towards localhost:3000 to actually go through the wizard)

Voilà! You just set up your first datastringers, and you will be notified when these example alerts are triggered.

##Next Now, you should read about Datastringer's basic architecture, and about how to make it truly yours.

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