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We received a lot of attention since launch, and we are grateful for that.

Several forks are going to appear, and discussions already started about the future of Datastringer. This page will state the official road-map of the project, in order to ensure that its developments follow the original or approved philosophy, to facilitate the approval of pull-requests, and to provide contributors and users a clearer view of what's to come.

Shouldn't your idea be within the boundaries of this road-map, we still want to hear it, and we will provide as much help as we can.

#Objectives for Datastringer 1.0 Version 1.0 should be as simple to use as it can be.

In order to achieve that, we should aim for a simpler installation process, the support of (at least) Linux and Mac OS X, and a graphical user interface (GUI).

The GUI should allow the user to see the activated and available stringers, and to turn them on/off, in a dashboard style.

Tests must be made available for this version.

#Ideas for the future

  • Datastringer As A Service, why not via a dockerisation
  • Galery of examples
  • GUI allowing the creation of new stringers - smart editor, dynamic loading of datasets...
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