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  • Adds helpful debug information to failed tests (merged #297. Thanks @marciovicente)
  • Offers a new slideshow_template gallery output, with improvements including linking to the path directly from the gallery page (merged #302. Thanks @ryandowd)
  • Prevents users from running wraith latest unless a history_dir property is defined and the directory exists (fixes #285)
  • Allows testing of subsets of a config, rather than the entire config (fixes #293)
  • No longer reports as a success if any of the images fails to generate a diff (fixes #292)
  • Shows shell output in real time (fixes #303)

Config changes:

# this property and its sub-properties are all optional
  template: 'slideshow_template' # or 'basic_template' (which is the default)
  thumb_width: 200 # default
  thumb_height: 200 # default
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