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DCore is a simple lightweight PHP framework. DCore was never intended to be a replacement for other frameworks, but has grown to maturity and felt sharing it would not hurt. Plus would force for better code standards and documentation.

Second motive is to create a XHP UI framework. The XHP framework would site on top of DCore and reply on it. DCore would not depend on the XHP framework.

Can try the tutorials


Currently many items need to be worked on.

Unit testing is not in the repository but I hope to add them soon.

DCore Archetcture

The code is light weight enough that on could step through the execution of the sample application and have a good understanding of the entire project.

Below is a description of the execution made by a DCore apps. "*" files are files in the application not in the framework.

 |  DCore               includes DCore 
 |  |                   DCore include *'config.php' in you application
 |  |                   and creates singlton global _$registry_ global
 |  |
 |  |   $registry       calls $register->load() to load all modules defined in *_config.php_
 |      |               $register->load() loads each module such as cache, router 
 |      |   module      by calling module->init();
 |      |   
 |      |   plugins     if plugins is a module in your config then plugins->init() is called
 |          |           and will include each plugin witheither %plugin%\init.php is included 
 |          |           or create the plugin class
 |  |   |               include *init.php
 |  router              *index.php call $registry->router->loader() 
 |  |                   takes url and finds controler and action
 |  |   *controller     router calls the controller->$action()
 |      |               controller does contoller things:)
 |  template            your *index.php can call a view choice 
 |  |                   by calling template which intern finds the view
 |  |
 |  |    view            renders view              
 |                      index.php eachos out the view