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class Point {
int x;
int y;
class Rectangle {
Point upLeft = new Point();
Point downRight = new Point();
//only works with new Point, not just Point. This is because Points need defining within the class Rectangle, or it doesn't associate the information.
println "This program will calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangle based on the coordinates of two opposite corners -- the top left and the bottom right."
println "Please enter the coordinates of the top left corner: "
print "x: "
Rectangle rt = new Rectangle();
rt.upLeft.x = Integer.parseInt(System.console().readLine())
print "y: "
rt.upLeft.y = Integer.parseInt(System.console().readLine())
println "Now enter the coordinates of the bottom right corner: "
print "x: "
rt.downRight.x = Integer.parseInt(System.console().readLine())
print "y: "
rt.downRight.y = Integer.parseInt(System.console().readLine())
int length = rt.downRight.x - rt.upLeft.x
int height = rt.upLeft.y - rt.downRight.y
int perimeter = (length * 2) + (height * 2)
int area = length * height
println "The area of the rectangle is " + area + "."
println "The perimeter is " + perimeter + "."
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