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Qlab measurement and control software

A MATLAB framework for superconducting qubit systems.


Source Code

To get started, simply download and unzip the latest release. Or, if you want the tip of the development repository, clone a local copy with

git clone localname --recursive

Navigate to the QLab directory and run the installQLab.m script to setup the preferences. It will also prompt you with the correct folders to add to the path.

The code is loosely organized into

  • analysis/ - routines for data analysis
  • experiment/ - experiment scripts and utilities (example config files in experiment/muWaveDetection/cfg)
  • common/ - instrument drivers, ExpManager, measurement filters, sweeps, and pulse calibration
  • common/util - general utilities, including PatternGen for pulse sequence generation.
  • hardware/ - firmware and low-level drivers for custom BBN hardware

The main workhorse is the ExpManager class which provides a general framework for taking, processing, and saving data. The ExpScripter example shows an example workflow for using ExpManager with a set of instruments, sweeps, and measurements. This example makes use of configuration data stored in JSON files. The PyQLab project contains a GUI for creating these files.

See the wiki for release notes and further help.

All source is distributed under the Apache open source license.


We also distribute mex binaries for some accelerated data processing and dll's for the BBN-APS pulse sequencers. These can be found here binaries.