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SBT IDEA plugin usage example

These sources can be used to quickly add some functionality to Scala plugin or IntelliJ IDEA in general.

General information

  • To start using it just clone it. Import in IDEA and run it using IDEA run configuration.

  • To build plugin dist, run sbt package-plugin.

Important points to know

  • ideaBuild key in build.sbt contains dependency to IDEA, you can change it.

  • ideaExternalPlugins key in build.sbt contains dependency to scala-plugin dist, you should provide full link with update id.

  • Don't forget to replace name in build.sbt. You also need to change name in resources/META-INF/plugin.xml.

  • plugin.xml also contains possibility to add API through extension points. As example API for macro injections were used.

  • Git repository also contains two IDEA artifacts and IDEA run configuration files. If you add library, don't forget to add to libraries artifact, otherwise run from IDEA will be broken.

  • IDEA run configuration contains links to directory, where IDEA dependency will be downloaded. If this directory is changed, you will need to update run configuration, otherwise running IDEA from IDEA will be broken.