@BBasile BBasile released this Oct 7, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 9

Regressions fixed

  • GDB commander, Linux: Adding and deleting breakpoints was not supported anymore when using most recent GDB versions. The problem seems to have appeared from GDB 8.1.x but the fix is backward compatible with olders (7.x). (#362).


  • Symlist: Also show invariants.
  • Terminal, Linux: Added an option allowing to follow the path selected in the mini-explorer widget.

Bugs fixed

  • Terminal, Linux: The terminal frame, as hosted in its widget, blinked each time a popup got closed, which was annoying when using the completion menu much. (#364)
  • Mini explorer: File list was supposed to be always sorted since 3618258 (3.6.16), but this didn't work at all.