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Based on Twenty by HTML5Up. This site is built with Jekyll.

Getting started

To the site and run it on a local server:

  1. Install Jekyll.

  2. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  3. Start the site:

    cd antiphoner-site
    jekyll serve

The site should now be available at https://localhost:4000.


Build a deployable version of the site with the jekyll build command:

jekyll build

The deployable HTML and asset files will be in the _site directory. Upload this directory to the public site.


The _layouts directory contains the layout templates Jekyll uses to build the site. There are two templates:

  • default.html – The main template which builds a page, including the <head>, header, and footer with a space for content. Only the home page uses this template directly.
  • pages.html – The above template, with an embedded article. Most pages use this template.


The _includes directory contains bits of HTML useful for building pages.


Content pages are written in regular HTML and saved in the main directory (e.g index.html, analysis.html, etc). The HTML file begins with front matter enclosed by three-dash lines that holds metadata about the content page. The rest of the file is the HTML snipped to be included in the layout's {{ content }} block.


layout: page
title: Introduction
permalink: /introduction/

<div class="content">
<p>Here's some content!</p>


Directories that do not start with an underscore (css, js, etc) are included in the output and hold asset files. Use site-relative links to connect to assets (e.g. /img/cover-image.jpg).


HTML5Up uses SASS to build its stylesheets. SASS is a CSS pre-processor designed to keep CSS files simpler and more editable. The SASS files are denoted by the .scss extension.

Don't know SASS? Don't worry. All CSS is valid SASS, so you can add regular CSS to a SASS file without fear of breaking anything.

File structure

The CSS directory

The css directory contains one SASS file, main.scss. This file loads the other SASS files needed to build the style from the _sass directory.

The easiest way to add new CSS or SASS is to append it to this file somewhere after the @import statements.

Style setting files

Some files in the _sass directory contain setting variables:

  • _colors.scss contains background and foreground colors.
  • _sizes.scss contains size values, including responsive breakpoints.
  • _var.scss contains other setting variables (font settings, animation timings, etc).

Feel free to change these settings.

The build file

_build.scss contains the style rules HTML5Up set to create the page.

Try to avoid editing this file. You're better off overwriting the rules by adding new rules the main.scss file.

Utility files

The _sass/lib directory contains utility SASS files:

  • _skel.scss contains the base files for the responsive framework.
  • _mixins.scss contains various utility functions.

It's not a good idea to mess with these files.


Repository for Burns Antiphoner project. GitHub Repository for our viewer (Diva.js) can be found here:




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