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A repository of the scripts that produces the files of gene ID - KEGG ID and gene ID - abundances

MGS-Fast: MetaGenomic Shotgun annotation using microbial gene catalogs. Stuart M. Brown, Yuhan Hao, Hao Chen, Bobby P. Laungani, Thahmina A. Ali, Changsu Dong, Carlos Lijeron, Baekdoo Kim, Zhiheng Pei, Konstantinos Krampis.

The files are the scripts, along with the XML files used to deploy these as Galaxy tools as described here:

These scripts have been also published on the Galaxy ToolShed for easy integration to online Galaxy instances:

The container with the MGS-Fast pipeline and Galaxy interface as described in the manuscript is available as a Docker container: Container: bcil/metagenome:nyu_4.0

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