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The alpha version of the Swarmathon III swarmathon base code has been released. The current version number is 1.3.5. We have added a number of new features over the summer. Highlights include:

Updating the code to make it compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (Xerius Xeres) and ROS Kinetic Kame. This allows the software to run on a wider variety of new computers, especially laptops. ROS Kinetic Kame used Gazebo 7 instead of Gazebo 2. Gazebo 7 allows for more realistic simulation of the Swarmie robots.

We have completed the base code refactor begun last year. This refactor moves the various behaviours of the rovers into separate controllers: for example, the cube pickup code is in its own controller called Pickupcontroller, obstacle avoidance and search are in other controllers. This modular approach should make modifying the base code easier since different behaviours are separated from one another.

The latest release is a bug fix: rovers in sim getting stuck. Due to the more realistic physics the rovers get stuck on cubes occasionally just like the real rovers. Since we have no simulated robot wranglers we placed wheel guards (collision boxes) in front of the front wheels to prevent them climbing the cubes.