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NASA Swarmathon III Technical Report Guidelines

Both Physical and Virtual teams are required to submit a Technical Report electronically as a PDF by March 25, 2018 by midnight EST. Instructions for uploading your report are available on the website. For Swarmathon III reports should not be uploaded to your github repository.

Judges will score papers based on the technical quality, novelty, significance, and clarity according to the rubric below. The judges' decision is final. The Physical team with the winning Technical Report will receive a team plaque and a $200 team scholarship. Second and third place winners will receive certificates.

Similarly, the Virtual team with the winning Technical Report will receive a team plaque and a $200 team scholarship. Second and third place winners will receive certificates.

The report should follow the format of a robotics conference paper. For examples, see the Word or LaTeX paper templates, as well as the peer-reviewed, published proceedings, for the Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) conference.

These templates serve as suggested guidelines for the Swarmathon technical report, and references should be formatted as they are specified in the templates. Scoring will depend only on the specifications in the rubric.

Technical Report Rubric

Category Description Points
  • Formatted & organized professionally
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • 10-12 point font, single-spaced, 5 pages (no more, no less) not including the cover page
  • The cover page must include: team name, title of paper, full names of all team members (for large teams this list may be in an appendix along with the contribution of each team member), university name, faculty advisor's full name & certification that he/she has reviewed the report prior to submission.
  • The report can contain figures, photos, screenshots and/or links to videos demonstrating physical and/or virtual robots.
Abstract 4-7 sentences summarizing methods, results and most important achievements or discoveries 2
Introduction Describe your team goals and approach. Provide necessary motivation and background to understand your methods, approach, and the significance of your results 2
Related Work Describe any related papers and how your work builds on, implements or differs from other related work 2
Methods Each method may be described in a separate sub-section. Describe algorithms and approaches that you developed using, e.g., psuedocode, equations, flow charts, figures or descriptions. 5
Experiments Describe the physical or virtual experimental setup that you used and how you analyzed your experiments, e.g. explain any statistical tests you used to analyze your experimental results. 5
Results Clearly present the results of your work. Use figures and proper statistical analysis where appropriate. 10
Conclusion Summarize your most important findings 2
References Numbered references formatted according to RSS templates and referenced as numbers in the text 2