A series of tutorial modules created in Netlogo familiarizing the user with swarm robotics concepts. Modules prepare students for participation in the Netlogo Division of the NASA Swarmathon.
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This is a series of 4 tutorial modules [Sw1-4] created in NetLogo that prepare the user for participation in the HS Division of the 2018 NASA Swarmathon. One additional module, [Sw5], serves as the base for the participant's competition submission. Click on the releases tab to get the full zip of the newest release!


Swarmathon 1 (Intro to bio-inspired search)

  • [Sw1]IntroToBioSearchwalkthrough (.pdf, .docx)
  • [Sw1]walkthroughImages (folder; .png, .jpg)
  • [Sw1]IntroBioSearchstudentCode.nlogo (base code to work from)
  • mars.jpg (required to run .nlogo file)

Swarmathon 2 (Advanced bio-inspired search search)
  • [Sw2]AdvBioSearchwalkthrough (.pdf, .docx)
  • [Sw2]walkthroughImages (folder; .png, .jpg)
  • [Sw2]AdvBioSearchstudentCode.nlogo (base code to work from)
  • mars.jpg (required to run .nlogo file)

Swarmathon 3 (Intro to deterministic search)
  • [Sw3]IntroDetSearchwalkthrough(.pdf, .docx)
  • [Sw3]IntroDetSearchstudentCode.nlogo (base code to work from)
  • [Sw3]walkthrough images (folder; .png, .jpg)

Swarmathon 4 (Advanced deterministic search)
  • [Sw4]AdvDetSearchwalkthrough (.pdf, .docx)
  • [Sw4]walkthroughImages (folder; .png, .jpg)
  • [Sw4]AdvDetSearchstudentCode.nlogo (base code to work from)
  • parkingLot.jpg (required to run .nlogo file)

Swarmathon 5 (Competition submission)
  • [Sw5]competitionGuide (.pdf, .docx)
  • [Sw5]competitionBaseCode.nlogo (base code to work from)
  • [Sw5]guideImages (folder; .png, .jpg)

Module Companion Guide
  • [SwG]ModuleCompanionGuide (.pdf, .docx)

  • BUG: [all .nlogo files] Double clicking on an .nlogo file to open it sometimes results in the file opening empty.
    WORKAROUND: Don't panic! Open the file directly through NetLogo (File -> Open...). This a NetLogo thing and cannot be resolved from our end.
  • BUG: [Sw2] This module runs slower than other modules.
    WORKAROUND: There's a lot of drawing going on with the multiple pheromone trails. You can speed it up a bit by changing view updates to on ticks on the Interface tab.
  • BUG: [SW3] When run at high speeds, the robots sometimes get "off track."
    WORKAROUND: Decrease the speed slider to be on the slower side.
  • BUG: Formatting on .pages versions of walkthrough is wonky in some places.