SQLIer: Automated SQL injection exploiter that guesses databases and uses regular SQL injection and blind injection to extract passwords from databases (featured on Slashdot in ~2006)
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SQLIer v0.8.2b Documentation

Table of Contents


I: Syntax
 I.a:  Argument Descriptions
 I.b:  Guessing Field Names

II: General Usage


SQLIer is a script that brute forces passwords through 'true/false' SQL Injection vulnerabilities. With 'true/false' SQL Injection vulnerabilities, you cannot actually query data out of the database, only ask a statement that is returned 'true' or 'false'. SQLIer takes each character's ASCII code and asks a 'higher/lower' question to the database, eventually reaching the actual character code. This script also does not use quotes in the exploit to operate, meaning it will work for a wider range of sites.

An 8 character password (containing any character from decimal ASCII code 1-127) takes approximately 1 minute to crack.

I. Syntax

sqlier [OPTIONS] [URL]

I.a: Options

-c [host]              Clear all exploit information stored for [host].
-o [file]              Output cracked passwords to [file].
-s [seconds]           Wait [seconds] between page requests.
-u [usernames]         Usernames that will be brute forced from the database,
                       comma separated (Username1,Username2,Username3).
-w [options]           Pass [options] to wget.

I.b: Guessing Field Names

--table-names [table_names]   Comma separated list of table names to guess.
--user-fields [user_fields]   Comma separated list of username fields to
--pass-fields [pass_fields]   Comma separated list of password fields to

II. General Usage

Given there is an SQL Injection vulnerability at:


Running "sqlier -s 10 http://example.com/sqlihole.php?id=1" will try to get enough information to exploit passwords out of the database, waiting 10 seconds in between each request.

If the table, username field, and password field names have been guessed correctly, then the exploit is ready to brute force passwords out of the database by passing usernames to query, like so:

sqlier -s 10 example.com -u BCable,administrator,root,user4

However, in the instance that the built in field/table names do not guess the correct fields, you can pass guesses like so:

sqlier -s 10 example.com --table-names [table_names] --user-fields [user_fields] --pass-fields [pass_fields]

Until the correct table, username field, and password field names are known, SQLIer cannot brute force passwords from the database.

Note: If "-s" is not passed, each request is done immediately after the last request. This can raise red flags, however.