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Site web du BDE ESIEE Paris

#####How to fix on Windows :


[WARNING 1549] failed to load external entity "in_memory_buffer" (in n/a - line 0, column 0)

[WARNING 3084] Element '{} import': Failed to locate a schema at location 'in_memory_buffer'. Skipping the import. (in in_memory_buffer - line 9, column 0)


Because shitty Windows doesn't use "/" as directory separator in file path like Linux, you need to use a php function called str_replace() in order to replace backslashes by slashes. schemaValidateSource() expects "/" but realpath() function uses "" on Windows, that is why you need to replace backslashes by slashes after the use of realpath() function. I also corrected an error for the path of the file routing-1.0.xsd.

  1. Go to \path-to-www\bde-esiee\vendor\friendsofsymfony\rest-bundle\FOS\RestBundle\Routing\Loader and open RestXmlCollectionLoader.php

  2. Search the block (near line 179)

$restRoutinglocation = realpath(__DIR__.'/../../Resources/config/schema/routing/rest_routing-1.0.xsd');
$routinglocation = realpath(__DIR__.'/../../Resources/config/schema/routing/routing-1.0.xsd');
  1. Replace the previous block by this one :
$restRoutinglocation = realpath(__DIR__.'/../../Resources/config/schema/routing/rest_routing-1.0.xsd');
$restRoutinglocation = str_replace('\\', '/', $restRoutinglocation);
$routinglocation = realpath(__DIR__.'/../../Resources/config/schema/routing-1.0.xsd');
$routinglocation = str_replace('\\', '/', $routinglocation);
  1. Don't forget to clear the cache : php app/console cache:clear --env=dev

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