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Installing NS

Nested sampling (NS) is BEAST2 package. If you have not already done so, you can get BEAST 2 from here.

To install NS, it is easiest to start BEAUti (a program that is part of BEAST), and select the menu File/Manage packages. A package manager dialog pops up, that looks something like this:

Package Manager

If the NS package is listed, just click on it to select it, and hit the Install/Upgrade button.

If the NS package is not listed, you may need to add a package repository by clicking the "Package repositories" button. A window pops up where you can click "Add URL" and add "" in the entry. After clicking OK, the dialog should look something like this:

Package Repositories

Click OK and now NS should be listed in the package manager (as in the first dialog above). Select and click Install/Upgrade to install.

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