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What is this?

A dirty little homebrew I made for swapping boot.firm files. Useful for switching from Luma3DS, to ReiNAND, to CakesFW, etc - in case you want to do that in the first place.

Why would I want to use this?

It makes for quick and easy hotswapping of boot.firm files, which can be mildly useful for developers or power users. For example, if you want to switch from Luma to A9NC, or GodMode9, this little homebrew makes it easier to swap, rather than manually renaming the files through GodMode9 or CTRXplorer.

It's also pretty useful for those who use multiple CFW and want to swap quickly. PayloadSpinner3DS makes it trivial for one to switch from Luma to Cakes; Yes, Cakes has B9S support - look it up.

How do I use this?

First, make sure you have all relevant CFW files ready on your SD Card. Put your payloads in 3ds/data/PayloadSpinner3DS/. From there, install PayloadSpinner3DS, start it up, and select which payload to set as your boot.firm. The application will give you the option to reboot after your boot.firm is replaced.

Features I want to implement eventually

  • JSON customization (support for custom themes, descriptions for payloads, etc).
  • IDK, that's kinda it I guess.

Special Thanks

  • @BernardoGiordano for pp2d.
  • All ctrulib contributors.