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CAD files

Peter Betz edited this page Nov 24, 2016 · 9 revisions

Well, lets get down to it. Here are the links you can use to download the latest models and drawings!



Head Assembly:

Complete Assembly:


New design here:


NOTE: THE DESIGN IS NOW FULLY PARAMETRIC. [Modify > Change Parameters] will allow you to adjust the model to fit the thickness of material you wish to build it from. Use the "stk" expression (default is 6.35mm). This not only adjusts the distance of the extrusion commands, but also many sketch features (offsets, hole distance to edges, etc.) so depending on your computer the change may take a little bit of time to compute.

This design shows a roller thrust bearing between the Z stepper and the main headplate in order for me to test the new Z probe idea out. There are also the 4 stepper mounting holes in the head so you can use these design files and still just rigidly mount the Z stepper.

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