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A: Overview

Visualization, or in other words the visual representation of data in an easily comprehensible form, is the feature of the visualization module. Users can get a quick overview of the system behavior by looking at diagrams. Visualization is accessible through the Settings menu if the user has access rights.


B: Manual for users

1 Select Ranges

Visualization provides diagrams depend on the selected ranges in different dropdown lists. There are two different lists to control the diagram. One is to select the kind of data and one is to select the time range.

1.1. Select Category

On the first view, when the selector shows Select a category, you can see a histogram with data of created and deleted datasets. You able to see the statistic of system activities, created datasets and deleted datasets over time.


1.2. Select Time

In the drop-down list Select time, you can find the past years. By default, the chart displays the data distribution over the entire time from the first activities.
Select a specific year and see the statistic for only that year, separated in twelve months.


1.3. Time Slider

If you do not like to see all data behavior from the first activity to the end, you can select a period with the help of the time slider.


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