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A simple but feature-rich framework to build reactive/event-driven applications or microservices.

It includes an in-memory message bus that can be easily connected to a message broker to integrate with other applications or microservices. At the moment only Apache Kafka, MQTT and RabbitMQ are supported but other message brokers could be added without much effort.

Its main features are:

  • Simple yet powerful message bus
  • Abstracted integration with a message broker
  • Apache Kafka, MQTT and RabbitMQ integration
  • DDD, domain events and transactional messaging
  • Built-in error handling policies for consumers

Discover more in the project's website.

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Silverback is split into multiple nuget packages available on

Package Stats
Silverback.Core NuGet
Silverback.Core.Model NuGet
Silverback.Core.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet
Silverback.Core.Rx NuGet
Silverback.Integration NuGet
Silverback.Integration.Testing NuGet
Silverback.Integration.Kafka NuGet
Silverback.Integration.Kafka.SchemaRegistry NuGet
Silverback.Integration.Kafka.Testing NuGet
Silverback.Integration.MQTT NuGet
Silverback.Integration.MQTT.Testing NuGet
Silverback.Integration.RabbitMQ NuGet
Silverback.Integration.HealthChecks NuGet
Silverback.Integration.Newtonsoft NuGet


Have a look at the project's website for usage details, API documentation and samples.


You are encouraged to contribute to Silverback! Please check out the how to contribute guide for guidelines about how to proceed.


This code is licensed under MIT license (see LICENSE file for details)