BFO2 Citations

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Citations to be sprinkled in the BFO 2 ontology, as documentation

Just the beginning of the list, started by Alan. Where the citations differ from the current ontology should be pointed out.

  • Pierre Grenon: "Spatio-temporality in Basic Formal Ontology: SNAP and SPAN, Upper-Level Ontology, and Framework for Formalization"
  • Pierre Grenon: "BFO in a Nutshell: A Bi-categorial Axiomatization of BFO and Comparison with DOLCE"
  • Pierre Grenon: "Nuts in BFO's Nutshell: Revisions to the Bi-categorial Axiomatization of BFO"
  • Barry Smith: "Beyond Concepts: Ontology as Reality Representation"
  • Pierre Grenon and Barry Smith: "SNAP and SPAN: Towards Geospatial Dynamics"
  • Pierre Grenon, Barry Smith and Louis Goldberg: "Biodynamic Ontology: Applying BFO in the Biomedical Domain"
  • Barry Smith and Pierre Grenon: "The Cornucopia of Formal Ontological Relations"
  • Maureen Donnelly: "On parts and holes: the spatial structure of the human body"
  • Thomas Bittner: Axioms for Parthood and Containment Relations in Bio-Ontologies
  • S Schulz and A Kumar and T Bittner: Biomedical ontologies: What part-of is and isn’t

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