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From Barry:

Background on Determinables and Determinates

Determinable Quality Type, e.g. Color, Speed, Temperature

Determinate Quality Type, e.g. red of this specific hue, 30mph, 87 degrees Celsius

Quality Dimension = the space formed by all determinate types of a given determinable type (e.g. color space ...) (Cf. DOLCE)

Quantity = subclass of Quality (a quality that can be measured) (in all senses of 'quality' here defined)

Instantaneous Determinable Quality Instance, this color of this petal here now, this instantaneous speed, this instantaneous temperature (These are, believe it or not, instantaneous continuants)

Extended Determinable Quality Instance, my temperature (T(BS), the temperature I have, over my life time, which cycles through different temperature determinates as my temperature (T(BS)) changes; the speed of this ball as it moves through the air, reducing to zero as it reaches its highest point, and then accelerating until it reaches the ground)

In the sense in which one physiology variable influences another, 'physiology variable' means 'extended determinable quality instance'

Extended Determinable Quality Instance Course =def. the process which corresponds to the projection of an extended determinable quality instance onto time

[think of integrals in the differential calculus, perhaps] [and compare: the course of a disease]

In the sense in which asserts PhysiologyProcess has PhysiologyVariable 'Physiology variable' means 'determinable quality type'

Rate x is a temporal derivative quality of y =def. (1) there is some independent continuant z, and x and y are qualities of z (2) y is an extended determinable quality instance of type Y (temperature, speed, acceleration, rigidity ...) (3) y is projected on some process of change in z along Y (4) x is the rate at which y is changing

Axiom: As y changes, a series of instances of determinate qualities will inhere in z.

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