BFO2 Sketch

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Alan's notes

Alan's opinion only:

  • Add relations essential to working with BFO
  • inheres_in, bearer_of
  • participates_in,has_participant
  • part_of, has_part
  • realizes, realized_by
  • relations to spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal regions.
  • dependecy super-property
  • bounds
  • Distinguish type level versus instance level relations
  • Based on OWL 2/CL
  • Determinable and determinate qualities
  • Temporal derivative
  • Quantities
  • Extended and instantaneous determinate quality instances
  • Physical fields, that depend but don't necessarily inhere in anything
  • Body of energy (dual with mass)
  • Candidates for dropping
  • Subclasses of spatial region
  • Proper parthood
  • Process (rename ProcessualEntity->Process)
  • ProcessualContext
  • Candidates for reorganization
  • Disposition super function, role. Disposition syn: Capability?
  • Object aggregate, fiat object part as defined classes defined with new relations.
  • Consider reorganizing dependent/independent split because "dependent" currently doesn't cover all cases of dependence.
  • Rewrite documentation to be usable, correct errors
  • Clarify sites as immaterial continuants. Explain parts, region relations
  • Include more citations to papers that discuss various elements of the theory behind certain entities.
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