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Developing minecraft plugins since 2018


  1. SuperiorSkyblock2 SuperiorSkyblock2 Public

    Optimized, feature packed Skyblock core.

    Java 148 121

  2. WildStacker WildStacker Public

    Stacked drops, stacked entities, stacked blocks and stacked spawners in one plugin!

    Java 78 33

  3. WildTools WildTools Public

    Trench Pickaxes, Tray Pickaxes, Sell Wands, Harvester Hoes, Cannon Wands and more in one plugin!

    Java 26 18

  4. WildChests WildChests Public

    Sell chests, auto crafters, storage units, larger chests and more in one plugin!

    Java 29 23

  5. WildLoaders WildLoaders Public

    Very optimized and highly configureable chunk-loaders plugin!

    Java 25 13

  6. WildBuster WildBuster Public

    Very optimized and highly configurable chunk-buster plugin!

    Java 7 9


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