Slackbot for responding to messages that match regexes
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regexbot: slackbot with configurable regexes

Build Status

Simple slackbot for responding to messages matching a regex.


  1. Create a new bot user to get a slack api token.
  2. cp config.js.example src/config.js
  3. Edit src/config.js to have your slack api token and selected regexes.
  4. npm install && npm start
  5. Try it out on a slack channel!


See config.js.example for examples.

config.js contains a list of regexes, and a corresponding message, or messages (if an array) to show.

A function may also be given; which is called with regex matches.

A simple search and replace for numbers in square brackets then fills in the matches - [0] for the whole string, [1] for the first match, and so on.

An example function is given for Jira, taking a config object. This function will connect to Jira, retrieve the message summary for the given case (if found) and respond with a nicely formatted message/link

Real-Time Messaging API vs. Events API

By default, this bot uses the Slack Real-Time Messaging API to listen and respond to messages. If your bot is running on a Heroku free-tier dyno, this will not work, as the API relies on persistent websockets. Instead, you may use the more traditional Events API, which uses HTTP requests that can wake up your dyno. Simply modify the proper values in config.js to enable this.


npm test to lint and run tests