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EItweaks is a mod for Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul.



  • When a player character is running, stamina is depleted by points rather than percentage, which allows to run longer as stamina grows.
  • Human (PC and NPC) run speed slightly increased.
  • Human (PC and NPC) walk speed considerably increased.
  • Zak no longer has a level of backstab perk.
  • Reduced over-the-top armor values for golems and other "unkillable" monsters from 150 to 44.


  • 1C/Nival intro movies are disabled.
  • New game starting movie is disabled.
  • Help screens are disabled by default.
  • New game "My head hurts" cutscene is shortened.


  • Dragons drop hide in addition to bones.
  • Stronger Green Dragon Horn.


  • Disabled for undead and golems.
  • Halved for dragons and ogres.
  • Green/blue trolls are untouched, but black ones toned down to match green/blue.
  • Reduced dramatically for all other monsters and characters.


  • Hard leather provide extra protection against piercing and bludgeoning, matching monster protection.
  • Hide provides extra protection against piercing.
  • Fur provides extra protection against bludgeoning.
  • Lava elementals get extra protection from fire, Snow elementals get vulnerability to it.
  • Lightning vulnerability for NPCs using metal armor and golems.

Bug fixes

  • Gipath bats description correctly states fire damage.
  • Stony harpies have extra protection from lightning instead of fire.
  • Grey harpies have extra protection from acid instead of fire.
  • Dragons and items from dragon hide have extra protection from the corresponding elements.
  • Dragons description correctly states their damage type.


To fix fatique depletion when running (it's supposed to be spent in absolute units, rather than percents), install SpellAddon. Simply extract it into main game directory.


  1. Download and install EI starter.
  2. Download updated addon.dll and drop it into starter's directory, replacing old addon.dll.
  3. Dowload latest EItweaks release), unzip it.
  4. Put eitweaks in into Mods subdir of starter's installation directory.
  5. Launch starter, select EItweaks in dropdown.


  • Report bugs and suggest features on Github.
  • Discuss and ask questions on the forum.


Magus at BGforge