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Party Orders addon for Fallout 2

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This mod allows to give orders to the companions using hotkeys. It was originally written by pelicano, then expanded by phobos2077, finally this version includes some further fixes.

Also see mod thread on NMA and its wiki page. Notes for modders are here.


  • Download the latest release, unzip into Fallout 2 directory. Overwriting ddraw.dll is not necessary.


Hotkeys are configured in mods/party_orders.ini. Default keys:

  • F: Heal
  • G: Loot
  • H: Holster weapon
  • R: Regroup
  • X: Scatter
  • T: (Dude) Pick up items or auto-loot bodies
  • 0: Switch behavior of T key between pick up items and loot bodies
  • Ctrl-B: Switch ammo type (AP/JHP)
  • D: Allow/forbid party members to use burst attacks. Forbidden by default.
    • When allowed, it doesn't mean that they will always use burst, only that they may.
    • However, if equipped with a weapon which has only burst mode, such as a minigun, this order will be ignored by this particular party member.