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Quest and dialog tweaks

Bloodless deeds

In BGT, it's not possible to complete all Blood Deeds lines, because one of the necromancers destroys a quest item upon receiving it. This component allows to steal it back and complete all three quests, calming your OCD.

Improved strongholds

This component mostly improves messengers and messages, making them faster, more reliable and less likely to miss the player, but has some additional QoL changes, too:

  • Bard: make money collection notification different from fighter stronghold (useful if you play with multi-stronghold).
  • Cleric: notify when it's time to visit the Church.
  • Druid: notify when it's time to visit the Grove.
  • Fighter: notify when it's time to visit the Keep.
  • Mage:
    • Notify when it's time to visit the Sphere.
    • Morul will really create new potions every week, not just when you visit him. (Prepare for getting a hoard after Underdark!)
    • Morul will create a wider variety of potions.
  • Ranger: notify when it's time to visit the Cabin.

Save Melicamp

For Ironman players. This component allows you to improve Melicamp's chances of surviving. In original, it's about 50/50. Now you can cast Aid, Luck and Death Ward on him, each one will boost the chance by 10%, to a total of 80%, if all 3 spells are active.