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[![Translation status](](
[![Build Status](](
[![Discord chat](](

| [__Support__](#support)
| [__Discussion__](
| [__Help translating__](
| [__Discuss__](
| [__Translate__](
| [__Report issues__](#report-issues)

This mod expands on Wild Magic and Wild Mages. Fixed version, based on [original by JOG](
It's designed for BG series. It might work on other IE games, but that's untested.
@@ -77,8 +78,8 @@ Like dozens of other wizards in the game, you now can target any nearby place yo
- spread, run, shoot
- In pansy mode, Rhialto is in the actual Candlekeep area, not in the area where Gorion is killed.

### Support
- Check known issues below.
### Report issues
- Check "not bugs/known issues" below.
- Check [reported issues](
- If it's not present there, file a new one.

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