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QtFonts - browsing Fonts Database currently available on your device. 

Sample Description:

 This simple Qt application just shows you all available to Qt fonts
 in the system. It's nice to have it when you develop your application
 that uses many fonts as it gives you exact fontFamily and fontStyle
 names, also it lists all available sizesi showing how it looks on the
 Feature summary
 - Basic Qt application initialization
 - Retrieving information about fonts database
 - Handling events of changing selection in QTreeWidget component 


 - BlackBerry Native SDK for BlackBerry 10 version 10.0.9 or later
 - BlackBerry BB10 Alpha device running BB10.0.9 or later

Importing a project into the Native SDK:

 1. File->New->Blackberry Tablet OS C/C++ Project
 2. In 'Project name' field type in 'QtFonts'. Press Next.
 3. Select 'Language:' C, 'Build Style:' Managed, 'Project Type:' Empty Application.
    Press 'Finish'.
 4. Right click on this Project's src folder in Project Explorer and choose Import...
 5. Choose 'File system' and navigate to files from this repository, select all of them. Hit Finish.
 6. Right click on this Project in Project Explorer and choose Properties.
 7. In 'Configuration:' choose preferable configuration Device-Release.
 8. Under C/C++ Build->Settings->QCC Compiler->Preprocessro add following folders in
    'Include Directories (-I)':
 9. Under C/C++ Build->Settings->QCC Linker->Libraries add following folders in
    'Library Paths (-L)' section: ${QNX_TARGET}/${CPUVARDIR}/usr/lib/qt4/lib. 
 10. Under C/C++ Build->Settings->QCC Linker->Libraries add following libraries in
    'Libraries (-l)' section: cpp, QtCore, QtGui. Click OK.
 11. Build and deploy.