A Boxee application for browsing reddit.com, with the Boxee Box interface in mind.
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Reddit HD

Reddit HD is an application for Boxee that provides a nice big-screen interface for Reddit.com.

Reddit HD is not to be confused with Reddit.TV, another Reddit application for Boxee.

Project Status

Reddit HD is currently pre-pre-alpha software. It currently displays a list of the top 15 posts from reddit.com/r/videos and enables playback of most of them. The settings and login buttons do nothing; All you can do right now is refresh.



User mellort deserves plenty of credit for making the Reddit API wrapper used by Reddit HD, found here:


And, obviously, none of this would matter without the great Reddit.com community and admins.


Contributions will always be welcome! Fortunately, GitHub makes this process very easy. Just fork this project and create a Pull Request when you're done making this application more awesome.


This project's code is made available under the same license as Boxee itself, as this is required for all apps who hope to seek official distribution.