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Contributing to the BHoM

Geat to see you here! 😄 There are a number of ways to contribute and get involved. Please take a read and do reach out if curious to join in with our experiment.
Check out our wiki too for more info about the BHoM and how it works.

Get stuck in

  • Submit an issue

    Found a bug? Have an idea for a feature? Why not submit an issue?

  • Contribute code

    Got an idea? Know how to fix an open issue? 🍴 Fork away and feel free to raise a Pull Request to start a conversation!

Other ways to contribute

  • Just get involved

    Even if you do not have code to contribute, a feature to request or an issue to report you can still get involved. Join the discussion on existing issues and pull requests. Visit our Slack or send us an email to give us feedback or tell us what you use the BHoM for.

  • Help with an issue

    Don't have an issue to submit? Experiencing an issue that has already been submitted? Still want to help but feel unable to solve it yourself? Join the discussion on an issue to help us investigate it.

  • Contribute documentation

    Know some details that are not documented? Think that the documentation that is there is lacking detail? Got an example or tutorial you would like to share? Feel free to submit an issue and submit pull requests related to documentation too. If you've published some samples or tutorials somewhere else online, let us know.

  • Contribute translations

    Speak languages other than English? Great! The BHoM need translators for both our documentation and localisation of our UIs so get involved and help us make the BHoM global.

  • Suggest a new Toolkit

    Use an application that does not already have a BHoM Adapter? Contact us and let us know what you'd like to see. Alternatively write one yourself, we'd love to hear from you if you do as we may wish to help you maintain it.

Get even more involved

As a free software project anybody can contribute to the BHoM or create their own derivatives but if simply contributing is not enough for you and you would like to be more involved still then there are even more options for you. The BHoM is primarily developed and maintained by Core Contributors, a curated group of contributors who form the [BHoM organisation] open to anyone willing and able as detailed in our governance document. Core Contributors collaborate to plan and execute the roadmap for the higher level direction of the BHoM. If you are interested in becoming a Core Contributor please Contact us. We will be excited to hear from you!

Contact us

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