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What is Events-Finder?

Events-Finder is a MATLAB application used to find salient events in dyadic physiological data. This application was developped specifically for the Moving in and Tuning in study (MWTI): A participatory mixed methods study to foster social inclusion of individuals with dementia and their carers. Used in conjonction with the Biomusic Android application, this software use blood volume pulse, skin conductance, heart rate and temperature signals to calculate features that are in turn used to detect salient events during a MWTI session. Once the events are found, the application output markers in JSON format which are compatible with VideoMarker.


  • Calculate features for BVP,SC,TEMP and HR
  • Signal quality taken into consideration when finding events
  • Plotting of the raw and filtered signals


  • Highly customizable
  • Simple interface
  • Fast processing time

How to use

  1. Download the full project
  2. Add the EventsFinder folder to your Matlab path
  3. Run the .mlapp
  4. Select the folder containing the physiological signals
  5. Select a start time (in system time) to sync the markers
  6. Select the numbers of marker you want to be outputed
  7. Run the application

If you have questions or feedback on this software please direct it to ""


MATLAB application to find salient events in dyadic physiological data






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