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Welcome to the NeMO-Broad-Demo-2018 wiki!

In order to access to BCDC Computes, you will need to be added to the billing project. If this is your first time using this demo, please contact

This demo will walk you through the steps of accessing data from the NeMO archives, uploading it into the FireCloud/Single Cell Portal Environment, running a workflow, and syncing outputs as an interactive study in the Portal. The result of the tutorial will be a study like this example. If you are wanting to run workflows please contact us (below) for computes access.

As we move forward, we will automate and increase the integration of the NeMO and FireCloud/Single Cell Portal Environments. Currently, this demo focuses on running a workflow single cell transcriptomics data (specifically 10X v2); more will follow.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to send us feedback.

For Help using NeMO please contact .
For help using the Single Cell Portal, please contact .
To get access to BCDC Computes please contact .


Tim and Anup

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