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  1. BIDMach BIDMach Public

    CPU and GPU-accelerated Machine Learning Library

    Scala 912 172

  2. BIDMat BIDMat Public

    A CPU and GPU-accelerated matrix library for data mining

    Scala 264 73

  3. BIDParse BIDParse Public

    GPU-accelerated natural language parser

    Scala 36 13

  4. datascience datascience Public

    Fall 2014 CS194-16 Introduction to Data Science assignments

    Shell 23 15

  5. BIDMach_Spark BIDMach_Spark Public

    Code to allow running BIDMach on Spark including HDFS integration and lightweight sparse model updates (Kylix).

    Python 15 17

  6. BIDMach_Viz_CTRDemo BIDMach_Viz_CTRDemo Public

    Interactive Machine Learning and Vizualization Tools

    JavaScript 7 3


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