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datarray Documentation

This is the top level build directory for the datarray documentation.  All
of the documentation is written using Sphinx_, a Python documentation
system built on top of reST_.  In order to build the documentation,
you must have Sphinx v1.0 or greater installed.

This directory contains:

* Makefile - the build script to build the HTML or PDF docs. Type
  ``make help`` for a list of options.

* source - the directory containing the reST source

* source/ - reST document with hyperlink targets for common
  links used throughout the documentation

* source/ - the sphinx configuration.

* source/_static - used by the sphinx build system.

* source/_templates - used by the sphinx build system.

Building the documentation

You should first install the documentation dependencies.  From this directory::

    pip install -r doc-requirements.txt


    make html

.. Since this README.txt is not processed by Sphinx during the
.. documentation build, I've included the links directly so it is at
.. least a valid reST doc.

.. _Sphinx:
.. _reST:
.. _numpy: