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DSC/Data server backup plan

  1. problem statement

Some reason cause root server can't upload data to yeti data storage server. such as network failure, middlebox or other problems. so we want to fix this problem.

One simple method is to add a backup server on a different location. We update the upload code to use "SRV" records so that the upload process automatically falls back to a secondary location.

  1. srv records:

srv:  0 1 22     # BII  0 2 22    # VPS
  1. data store

2.1 BII lab: store all data
2.2 VPS:  vultr datacenter in europe, only store data when root servers can't connect to BII lab
  1. sync data


4 change

4.1 update root server monitoring script 
    add srv records support for data storage server.
    change data sgorage server domain name
    add wrapsrv function support
    add dnscap guard script in case of dnscap crash.
    handle the case both BII and VPS are unreachable

4.2 rsync data from VPS to BII, delete the data on VPS
  1. procedure

5.1 normal
    root server upload pcap to data storage server
5.2 network problem
    root server upload pcap to backup data storage server
5.3 rsync data from VPS to BII
     we will get notified if any of these rsync fails.

5.4. other problems
    when network outside of root server is broken. 
    but root server still caputre dns packets, and root server can't upload
    data to BII or VPS server。

 we will notice it and contact the operator