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#Yeti Root Testbed Health Monitoring Proposal

  1. introduction

Yeti root testbed sometimes will get problems, such as network failures, DSC page data missing, without response, data inconsistency and so on. So we need to detect the running status of Yeti root name servers. In this document we are propose what metrics to be monitored and how to conduct the monitoring work in Yeti testbed.

Brief outline:

What metrics will be monitored: section 1-6
How to do monitoring: section 7
How to show the monitoring data: section 8
  1. yeti server network metrics: all yeti servers

1.1 ping6 dealy (??? daily?)
    check per an hour
1.2 Hoplimit
    count IPv6 Hoplimit
  1. Yeti Distribution Masters metrics

2.1 DM group
2.2 SOA serial number
    compare with other root name servers
2.3 RTT
    dig query respone time
2.4 NS records
    ZSK, KSK status
  1. Yeti root name server metrics

3.1 SOA serial number
    compare with other root name servers
3.2 RTT
    dig query response time
3.3 NS records
    ZSK, KSK status
3.5 Zone Transfer
     open or closed
  1. Yeti recursive server metrics

4.1 RTT
4.2 SOA
4.4 root zone NS records
  1. DSC/data collecting system

5.1 root server upload data or not
  1. result format

use json to store monitoring result

6.1 root server sample
"Status": "UP",
"Ping6": "100ms",
"RTT":	"295ms",
"Serial": "2015072600",
"NS": [
"ZSK": [
	{"Algorithm":8,"Last section":"M8L51I/b"},
	{"Algorithm":8,"Last section":"ylQALn9x"}
"KSK": [
	{"Algorithm":8,"Last section":"ABX8sQmwO7s="}
"Zone transfer":"closed"
  1. How to monitoring

7.1 monitoring rate
    per hour
  1. How to show the monitoring result

8.1 display in official website
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