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Ask Your Questions

Simplified resources for learning methodically.


How to ask questions here?

Just Open an Issue and write your question in this repo

Are there any rules?

There are! You can ask any/all of the following or beyond-

  • Technology
  • Career
  • Life

If you think me or Binpipe forum members can help you with go ahead and ask. You can also submit your wishlist of training videos you would like to see.

Please keep in mind that it should not be unethical.

Further, this communication should not be a consulting arrangement. If you're looking for a consultant ping separately on Linkedin.

Not be a stackoverflow question. You are getting an error in an application, automation script or pipeline and you need me to look into it. Please ask such questions on

How long should you wait for your answer?

At present, I'm a one-man-army doing this to help everyone free of charge. I believe in helping out and giving back to the community, otherwise I would have easily compiled this course on a paid educational platform. So please respect my time and stay assured to get responses and be patient when they get delayed. As the community grows, we will have shared responsibilities and faster turn-around-times. Reach me if you are interested to volunteer!

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help me do this better:

  1. Search before raising an issue. See if the question you have is already there or not.
  2. Vote on questions you like or want to be answered first. Likes or any positive emoji will act as a vote.
  3. Most important! Ask generic questions, which would be helpful to a lot more people. I'll spend most time on questions which shows potential.
  4. Reach me if you are interested to volunteer!

How will you know when your question is answered?

You can click on 'Watch' the repository and you'll get an email every time I answer the question. Further, Subscribe to the Youtube channel and Join the Telegram channel for updates.

About me

Apart from being a continious learner, I'm an engineer and teacher. I teach on Youtube and speak on technical forums. Further, I take love helping newbies make a foothold in the Cloud, & Systems Engineering space. Checkout for more about me.

When not working, I love playing the Guitar. If you want to learn how to play the Guitar here are free lessons for that as well!

BINPIPE aims to simplify learning for those who are looking to make a foothold in the industry.
Write to me at if you are looking for tailor-made training sessions.
For self-study resources look around in this repository, the Binpipe Blog and our Youtube Channel.

📒 Maintainer: Prasanjit Singh | BINPIPE