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Open Policy Analysis for a Progressive Wealth Tax

See here for a complete list of all the collaborators behind this OPA.

Open in RStudio: Binder

Go straight to the Shiny app: Binder

This repository is part of an Open Policy Analysis (OPA) on Senator Elizabeth Warren's proposal for a wealth tax. It consist of three components:

1 - An interactive plot, which summarizes the interactions between all key parameters for a given set of assumptions. Materials can be found in: code\interactive_visualization.

2 - Open policy report in the form of a dynamic document, which details all data, code, and assumptions included in the analysis. Materials can be found in: code\dynamic_doc.

3 - This Github repository, which stores all data, code, and materials necessary to replicate the analysis in full with minimal effort.

This OPA was the result of a collaboration between UC Berkeley economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, the original authors of the analysis, and the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS).

This is the first collaborative case study on how to bring open science practices into policy analysis. It complies with the highest levels of the Open Policy Analysis (OPA) Guidelines. We also look to demonstrate tools, ideas, and practices through which OPA can be implemented in practice. This exercise, and future case studies, in turn will inform the Guidelines.

To learn more about BITSS and our OPA initiative click here. If you would like to collaborate with BITSS to develop a demonstration of a OPA in your organization please email Aleks Bogdanoski (